About Us

SBG Digital is a nonprofit research and media consultancy.

We combat what researchers call the new digital divide⸺disinformation and media illiteracy. Though internet access became the focus of early conversations around bridging the digital divide, the introduction of smart-phone technology drastically changed conditions in Black communities.This shift revealed yet another critical issue to contend with: internet access does not equate to understanding.

Our digital landscape is now rife with mis- and dis- information that thwarts social movements for equity and justice within marginalized communities. According to research, oppressed groups face the worst of this, largely because initial solutions lack an analysis of history, power, and politics.

We intervene in the lack of nuanced analysis that characterizes first attempts to disrupt mis- and dis- information within Black digital spaces by monitoring the way targeted information campaigns permeate Black digital spaces to produce and consult on culturally relevant media projects that target and correct harmful narratives. We also conduct research to contribute to the larger field of disinformation prevention by tracking visual linguistics targeted at Black communities, strategizing around current discourse, and providing insight about content that can lead to or signify oppressive and violent action. Our data tracking provides a nuanced cultural understanding of how mis- dis- information moves through online conversations, and identifies sites where we can counter its influence.

“Without community, there is no liberation…but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.”

– Audre Lorde

Our Team


Jouelzy is a historian, content creator & founder of #SmartBrownGirl, where she curates discussions centered around pop culture trends with a political history lense.

Whitney West

Whitney is a speaker and success coach who helps women get unstuck when they feel they have settled in life. She is originally from Arkansas but resides in New Orleans, LA. Catch her as the host of the podcast, When Whit Happens.

Ashley Nickens

Ashley is a writer and founding co-director of SISTORIES—an interactive Black feminist literary magazine and community workshop. Her roots are in Chesapeake, VA, though she is currently based in Charlotte. She has a Virgo sun, Cancer rising, and Capricorn moon.

Kristina Mucker

Kristina is the founder of Black Girl Introverted. Originally from West Louisville, KY but currently residing in Portland, OR, she is passionate about reading, uplifting Black women/femmes, utilizing a social justice within an intersectional framework, community organizing and self-care. Catch her creating more content on her bookstagram account, Black Girl Introverted.

Board of Directors

Jay Obaze

Financial Analyst at Google


Founder, Content Creator and Social Media Consultant

SBG Digital Cohort

We believe those most directly impacted by oppressive systems are best equipped to develop and practice liberatory strategies. Our team produces and consults on creative media projects that target the harmful narratives which permeate Black digital spaces, and uphold heteronormative, white-supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.

Amani Allen-Beale

Samantha Brown

Dr. Donnesha Blake

Morgan Bryant

Dr. Nicole Carter

Kalyn Coghill

Sierra Croker

Dr. Alisha J Hines

Thamara Jean

CJ Jones

Bry Reed

Danielle Slaughter

Dr. Dara Walker

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